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Value Sales Consultants’ mission is helping our clients achieve higher performance and improved business results through effective sales programs and go-to-market strategies based on articulating true, quantifiable business value to their customers. We also plan, design, implement, deliver and manage training and development programs, aligned with our client’s business goals, that positively impact business results and help affect real, lasting and positive change in the client’s organization. We manage complex sales, marketing and training projects, taking end-to-end ownership and accountability for clients lacking appropriate internal resources.

Why focus on Value?

Customers will buy based on the real or perceived value they receive from your products, services or solutions, and to win in the challenging economic environment we find ourselves in today, businesses must lead with a clear, concise and realistic articulation of the true business value they can bring to their customers. That value takes into consideration all the factors their customers are dealing with including the customer's main Business Drivers and the pressures from the Investment Community, the Regulatory Environment, Competitors, and the overall Economy. It identifies the customer's key business initiatives and critical success factors and what's blocking their achievement and how, specifically, your products, services or solutions can help the customer achieve their goals. It's all about value; all about how you can help your customer reach their goals; what's in it for the customer to do business with you.
Value Sales Consultants can help you fully define and articulate the unique value you can bring to your customers, and cut through the marketing hype and noise, getting right to the real and lasting benefits your customers will gain by building a lasting business relationship with you.

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